At Creighton Web Services we specialize in creating a home for you on the internet. We see to it that your website matches your needs, presents a clear message to the public and is easy for you to maintain. Whether your style is personal, professional, informative or just plain fun; we have the tools to start building today.


We have been programming computers for over 35 years, with 15 years of internet & database work. Our grasp of most Internet languages and formats in general is good. We use PHP or ASP with a MySQL database for most applications along with the appropriate scripting languages. Our sites are up to standard, using CSS and xHtml Validation. All client-side coding works with current popular browsing technology.

We have worked on a wide range of projects:
  • eCommerce sites set up with a complete shopping cart, with online credit card payment & automatic shipping rate calculation from UPS/USPS.

  • Centralized portal sites that enable members to set up their own home on the net with limited computer knowledge. These range from a simple few page site to a more complicated set up with different types of members (i.e. Buyers, Sellers & Administrators)

  • Blog sites, Simple Indiviudal sites and more.

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